Lars & Tobias Faber

Breathwork Facilitators


Just Breathe…

Lars and Tobias are a father and son duo who are extremely passionate about guiding people back to their true Self.

To the part of you that feels deeply and authentically, the part of you that intuitively knows which step to take, your loving and compassionate self, and most definitely your playful inner child!
This is the intention for the Breathwork Workshop they will guide you in.
This Breathwork (inspired by Tummo breathing) is a type in which we, together, will create and enter a field of higher consciousness.

By breathing with focus and holding our breath we make contact with our inner world and everything inside of it. Bliss, Sadness, Joy, Uncertainty, Grief, Calmness…everything you can think of can arise during the session, and it is all fully welcome to be felt, wholeheartedly. All in unity. Because while you put in the conscious effort of breathing, we are all together in that sacred space.

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