Travel & Accommodation

Travel & Accommodation



You can reach Cyprus by airplane directly from most European cities, or you can fly through Athens. Cyprus has 2 airports :

Tip! Don’t forget to check the low cost airlines like RyanAir and EasyJet for options. We recommend using the website or Opodo for a good overview of flights.

Airport transfer

You can reach our venue by taxi, sharing transfers, local buses or renting a car. Contact details will be send to you in our information booklet after we received your booking and our team will support you in arranging your transport of preference if needed. You can connect to other participants to share your ride in our Facebook group.

Getting around

At our venue you will have everything you need in one place! You can enjoy a beautiful nature trail in the area or enjoy a beach walk down the coast line. You can find a bakery and mini-market 2.3km from our venue. Our venue offers breakfast and lunch which are included and you can enjoy afternoon crepes and a simple dinner are optional.
If you are staying in one of the nearby villages you can choose for motorbike or bicycle rental as the road towards our venue along the coast is quite and easy to drive on.
The best way to explore the island further is by car. There is a great bus connection between the cities (Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia) as well and the local busses offer possibilities all over the island, a good alternative for a friendly budget.

Please note : In Cyprus you drive on the LEFT side of the road!

Camping & Accommodation


Our festival venue offers us a cozy camping opportunity onside at Val’s Place in nature. You can pre-reserve your camping spot with us which can be paid upon arrival. The venue offers camping facilities like showers, toilets and electricity charging station for your devices. Breakfast and lunch are included in your ticket and dinner is optional which can be paid on the spot.
There is plenty of shade available. You can bring your own tent or rent one with us, same goes for sleeping bag and mattress.


Camping spot and bringing your own tent : €40,- total per person for the period of 29sep – 5th Oct.
Camping spot with tent hire : €80 total per person from 29sep – 5th Oct.
Every additional night is €5 per person per night. Our tent rental size is 210x160x120 CM for 1 person. Limited tents available for 2 person tent 240x210x130.

The camping opens on the 28th of September and you can add additional days after the festival which you can book on the spot.
After booking your festival pass, you will receive our confirmation email with information booklet and the camping reservation form.
Please contact us to for special requirements and if you need help with arranging your camping adventure, please contact us at

Apartments & Villa’s

Gialia is not your typical tourist village, but there are several accommodation options to choose from in the area of our venue.
We recommend checking out Airbnb as it gives a good overview of the area and offers different price ranges. Alternatively you can check as well.
Make sure to make your reservations in time and if you like to share rooms, you are welcome to post in our participant FB group.

Overview of nearby villages to our venue Val’s Place in Gialia

Gialia : 5-15 minutes walk from our venue
Agia Marina : 2.7 km / 30 min walk or 4 min by car
Argaka : 3.3 km / 40-45 min walk or 4 min by car
Nea Dimmata : 4.7 km / 60 min walk or 7 min by car
Pomos : 8.9 km / 12 min by car
Polis : 11.5 km / 14 min by car
Latchi : 14.6 km / 20 min by car

If you don’t have a car and your accommodation is not within walking distance, we have some team members who will be providing car rides between the venue and your accommodation once a day.
Alternatively, we recommend renting a scooter as it’s super convenient to go around. We are happy to advice you where to rent your scooter / motorbike with a festival discount.

Want to share accommodation?

You can check out our Facebook Group, for possible room sharing or contact us if you need any help or support.


The island of Aphrodite

Welcome to Cyprus! The island of sunshine, hospitality, myths and legends. This island is warmed by the Mediterranean sun all year round and has 320 days with sunshine.

Its history stretches back ten thousand years, with many civilizations and great characters. Both Alexander the Great and Cleopatra have laid claim to this island. Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and is also known as ’the island of the gods’. The island was the mythological birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of Love. It is a varied island with the cleanest beaches in Europe and is rich in nature and culture. There is an air of carelessness and time seems to stand still, a feeling that is enhanced by the friendly hospitality of the people. Since the Turkish invasion in 1974, the Republic of Cyprus has been divided into a Greek Cypriot part in the south and a Turkish-occupied part in the north.

Cyprus has many faces: the hinterland with endless fruit tree plantations with juicy oranges, terraces with olive trees and vineyards, dreamy villages and leafy forests in the Troodos Mountains, wonderful beaches and archaeological excavations.

In short, a versatile holiday destination and the perfect location for our festival under the warming Autumn Sun.