Nuria Peguera

Womb Dance Women Workshop


Recovering the connection with our center of creativity, emotional and pleasure power

Nuria Peguera is the creatix of the technique for women: Danza Útera®.
Her passion and service for more than 15 years is to accompany women
in the different stages of their life so that they can embody their physical, emotional and spiritual body from a more conscious, pleasant, healthy, loving and sovereign place.
Danza Utera focuses above all on recovering the connection with our center of creativity, emotional and pleasure power (the womb or
energetic womb) and the importance of repairing its direct link with heart and our cerebral hemispheres.

Dance, breathing, mudras, meditation and conscious movement as main
instruments of transformation and healing of blocked emotions in the body that are often the roots of multiple imbalances in a woman’s body.
Nuria has lived 18 years in India where she co-directed a holistic center for
several years. Her training and life experience embraces different instruments and disciplines such as: Dance (flamenco, contemporary, Indian temple dances), dance therapy, dramatic art, tantra for women, menstrual therapy and different quantum therapies focused on the well-being of women.

Nuria continues to research, offer sessions and train women from all over the
world with her technique. For Nuria it is vitally important that today’s woman
can return to the body with presence, love and listening. Nuria currently lives
with her 16-year-old daughter in Spain.

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