I love Ecstatic Dance because it gives me the space to be free in movement.
It makes me feel alive! I love this safe space of expression and I love that I can dance on my own or with others when I choose too. I love that there is no small talk, substances and that the dance-floor is shared with like-minded people.

What I experienced at the ED  festival in Cyprus is community! People gather from from all over the world to come together to celebrate life on this beautiful island
I call home. What a blessing! Most of us leave as friends / family. It’s also the dancing outdoors, afternoon dips in the sea, eating local food together, witnessing the sunsets and rising moon brings an extra element of nourishment to this event.

Why I think this festival is important for the world is because it’s a safe space for individuals to feel free in their inner being. When people celebrate life, heal old wounds, connect, express, dance and sing… they will take the melody home into their lives which will positively effect others. Tiny lights shining in a big world will lead the way when it’s dark. This is what I hope at least.

I am happy to be part of the team because I feel it’s part of my purpose to bring like-minded people together and celebrate life. 

When I am not dancing or organizing I am guiding online Human Design sessions and business coaching, supporting entrepreneurs to thrive in doing what they love! 

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