Mitsch Kohn

Piano Concert


Music that is a bridge into
the inner world

Mitsch Kohn is a german sound myst, composer, and filmmusic producer.
His very unique piano- and voice-based soundhealing-journeys unfold into an organic of-the-moment musical expression. His music is a bridge into the inner world and creativity, and can be experienced as a connection to higher consciousness dimensions.

Mitsch plays intuitive concerts alone or together with other musicians like: Estas Tonne, Netanel Goldberg, Cataleya Fay, Peia, Mirabai Ceiba, Awaré, Kinan Azmeh, Sascha Alexander Vaymer and many others.
He accompanies people on their way to more selfawareness, selfhealing and freedom in his workshops/retreats and accompanies other healers, intuitives and teachers in different disciplines worldwide like: Andreas Goldemann, Damien Wynne, Chuck Spezzano, Sabine Wolf and many others.

As a composer he writes music for films, orchestra and his own unique music for piano. He won several international music-composition prizes. His biggest work so far was a peace-symphony for 240 players and singers in 2009.

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