Manuele Paradiso



I love Ecstatic Dance because it brings me to a no-mind state where I feel pervaded by a sense of enthusiasm of being alive. I feel free to have my body expressed by a higher force than just my ego’s desires. I move and connect
as I am embracing all my potential, transforming the heaviness into lightness. It’s definitely an Alchemical process to me.

What I experience at the ED  festival in Cyprus is the feeling of being part of a huge community with the same enthusiasm for Ecstatic Dance. The fact that we are on an island, in a quiet place far from the town, makes all this become a kind of utopian and inspiring communal experience.

Why I think this festival is important for the world is because we need more spaces like this where people dance out their sense of freedom, where they express their higher Self through sober and deep energy connection. I believe that in a festival like this we create a big field that reverberates not only in our lives and surroundings, but also all over the world.

I am happy to be part of the team because I can fulfill my strong call to build a powerful community that can bring healing to the world, even if only for 6 days, even if it’s just a small contribution.

When I am not dancing or organizing I am passionately involved in my mission of soulful growth, for myself and for other people. I do this as a Conscious Intimacy Coach and Facilitator, with 1:1 programs, playshops and retreats. I also spread my inspirations and tools through my IG account.

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