Judith Sol



I love Ecstatic Dance because I believe it’s the best way to fully express myself.
I can connect with my inner self and express my inner world with movement. It feels so free to me to connect and play with your body and explore your boundaries. I love it because you can play like a little child again.

What I experienced at the ED  festival in Cyprus is that I have completely found myself again and I didn’t even know that I had lost myself so much. I felt very seen and heard. This allowed me to come completely home. For me, coming home means that you are safe to be yourself. That you are free to express yourself the way you want and that nothing is strange. At one point I broke down and couldn’t stop laughing (and I was also crying at the same time) and the amount of gratitude I felt was palpable throughout my body. I had never felt such deep gratitude. To this day, I still feel that gratitude throughout my body and that also makes this one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

Why I think this festival is important for the world is because I have never experienced the abundance of kindness, non-judgment, love, deep connections you make with yourself and with others, the feeling of unity and lightness as strongly as in ED Cyprus. The world needs this! And you don’t only experience this here. You take this feeling home and inspire all people there with your positivity, light and love that you experienced in Cyprus. The world is waiting for you!

I am happy to be part of the team because for me it is an opportunity to show how great my enthusiasm, love, light, strength and creativity is. The love that Nadine puts into this festival is so pure and so real. That completely fits with what I want to contribute to this world. And of course I really enjoy organizing events and dreaming big!

When I am not dancing or organizing I am teaching online breathwork and pranayama classes. I bring down-to-earth Dutch people back into connection with their body, their feelings, their intuition. I love it.

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