Movement / Salsa class


Feel the (Latin) rhytms!

Georgios Pillas grew up and started his training in Paphos, Cyprus.
He started training in various folk and latin dances at the age of 11
and continued his training there for 7 years. At the age of 18 he relocated to
The Netherlands in order to train with Fontys Dance Academy and expand his knowledge in other forms of dance as well as continue his Latin dances training. While studying at the academy, he traveled to Barcelona, Paris,
and Brussels participating in various dance work shops and shows of all different forms of dance.
Georgios relocated in New York City to continue his dance training at Broadway Dance Center, he worked in various Dance studios like Arthur Murray and became Hustle Dance Champion in 2015, he also did National TV Campaign’s and after 12 years Georgios is back in Cyprus owning his Dance Studio,training in various Dance styles.

Georgios’ class is influenced by Latin rhythms and dances like Mambo, salsa, and all-around Latin dancing with steps for everyone to enjoy the class.

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