Sophie Auber


Sophie is a French yoga teacher, self-love coach, Ecstatic Dance organizer, facilitator and DJ and has now a thriving ED community in Montpellier in the south of France. She has a very warm, gentle and enveloping energy which makes everyone feels instantly safe and welcomed. She is very gifted in bringing people back into their body and heart.

Sophie has been teaching yoga for over 20 years and has progressively developed her own style of yoga which she now calls ‘Yoga de l’Onde’ or ‘Wave Yoga’. She shares the wisdom learnt from her own body and her approach reconnects you to the spontaneous and natural movement of live travelling through you. A yoga which invites you to forget all you know and to open yourself to a new way of moving and being within the postures but also within your life.

Let yourself be supported and moved by the wave of life itself, stop forcing and controlling and discover how easy, light, pleasant and effortless it can become when you reconnect to the natural flow of life, enter and move in communion with it! Every move then becomes harmonious, respectful of your body and realigns you from within! Once you experience yoga this way your practice will never be the same again!