Immerse yourself in the magic of Reiki with master teacher, Sofia, who will channel this wonderful ‘universal life force energy’ allowing you to find healing and harmony within your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

From a child Sofia has always been sensitive to energies, and after more than a decade of teaching health and fitness she has been guided along a more holistic path – now enjoying helping others to connect to themselves and a higher level of consciousness through the powers of Reiki.

Sofia’s energy is gentle and nurturing, providing you a safe space to relax, to release anything that no longer serves you, and to feel more aligned.
If you feel open to receive, let Sofia guide this beautiful energy to flow to where it’s needed most to help you feel calm, clear and balanced through a personal Reiki treatment.

Offering : Reiki
Duration : 60 minutes incl complimentary angel card reading
Price : €70
Pre-book your session : Phone: +35799900641
or email: