Pernilla Kannappin 


Pernilla is a musician and a vagabond. This willful woman is too much in love with life to commit to only one musical style or place to call her home. Together with her beloved dog she travels the world in her snailhouse, a secret castle and hidden queendom on four wheels, enchanting people and stages on her road to nothingness.

In her mesmerising performances Pernilla chalks a circle with her violin bow, opening a portal to another world.
Her singing bewitches, by moving from darkness to light, roaring with the wild voices of her ancestors and giving a glimpse of heaven by singing the songs of the angels.
Pernilla lets her ancient violin weep in pain and growl as if it was set on fire. She creates a timeless silence, so still that even the wind holds its breath, cracking it open with a thunderstorm that is rolling from her shivering shamanic drum.
Pernilla lets the tongues of her thumb piano hum a haunting lullaby and makes her paper lunged accordion sing melancholic songs about bitter sweet freedom. But her most mesmerising form of expression is probably an ancient and almost forgotten art of whistling that sounds just like an invisible flute. The sound of these unusual instruments is coated by her crystal clear voice, softly luring the listener into other realms.

This strong willed artist is the best proof that fairy tales really do exist. The blond wild head full of dreams, always thirsty for the horizon and nothing in her luggage than her faithful instruments, a battered gramophone, mysterious stories and melodies … and the stars.