Most men have suppressed their inner power. They are afraid to show it, express it and fully step into their authentic strength. And yet it is our medicine as men. It creates polarity and makes us attractive and able to live with dignity. A powerful man is a safe man.
We will safely play with anger and authentic power among other brothers during this workshop. We will mirror and show ourselves to each other and open up to the vulnerability and the more subtle parts of ourselves. An integrated, embodied man can create magic in his life and the lives of others.

Paal has passionately explored many dance floors and movement modalities for over 20 years. He loves diving into the authentic expression of his body where he is dissolving, and the inner dancer takes over. Paal is an experienced workshop facilitator and coach. He certifies men and women to become Tantric Sexologists practitioners. He is also the founder of The Wildman, where he has guided several 100s of men to find their Masculine Power and more profound confidence in bed, relationships and life.

He has presented men’s work on Norwegian Television. In addition, Paal has held tantra festivals for men, and he is sought after at International Festivals, Podcasts and as a speaker at different panel debates.
Paal has studied Movement Medicine, 5-rhythms, Ecstatic dance, qigong, active meditations, tantra and shamanism and loves to blend different movement modalities into powerful waves of expressions.