Marlen Martha Maria


For Marlen Martha Maria, music is a way how the soul can express and experience itself physically. She recognizes music as a wonderful gift to experience creative energy a sensual way.
Based on being and stillness, she listens to her own voice, the vibrations, sounds and rhythms that want to be expressed through her and her instruments in the present moment.
She is inspired by impulses of intuition and infinity and immerses herself in her own authentic expression of the soul. With her intuitive compositions, she invites herself and other artists and nature-loving beings to enter a shared, sacred space in which she and others experience themselves as creators in connection with everything.
Since 2000 she has consistently refused to repeat music and present composed songs. Instead of concerts, she invites you to shared moments of creation, in which she shares her present, creative being with everyone. She sees it as her task to follow her authentic nature and to remind herself and others that we are divine, spiritual beings who
experience each other physically – not the other way around.
Marlen Martha Maria recognizes music as an intuitive access to
the soul, as a reflection of what connects us in resonance with everything that is now.
For Marlen Martha Maria, music is an immersion in the presence. This presence she reflects to others and inspires them to experience the present as our true divinity in human embodiment joyfully.
With her intuitive sound she opens a space of the present existence in connection with the source of all being and lets her instruments, her body and her voice sound.
Marlen Martha Maria recognizes in connection with everything that music vibrates in connection with everything – also with the past and the future – everything is now. And so she sees the sounds and compositions that she shares not as hers, but as an expressed gift of the divine, which is expressed through her and given to the collective as a field of resonance.