Leonie Bos


Sacred Singer Songwriter Leonie Bos from Amsterdam has been in the performing arts since she was 15.
About 8 years ago she made the transition from the entertainment scene to a more conscious way of sharing her voice and music.
Vipassana, plant-medicine and yoga have brought her closer to her inner voice as she traveled through the layers of her being, unfolding more and more of that what no longer served her higher purpose in life. An artist who embraces darkness and light, alchemizing both into art. Her music and voice can touch the unseen parts that you haven’t fully met yet. While her character is joyful, funny and light, deeply grounded and gives a holding with the many singing circles, retreats, workshops and concerts.
During the lockdown in 2020 she has been hosting everyday morning livestreams for 2 years now, where many people worldwide tune in to sing a long with with the Morning Kirtan. Now celebrating the release of her first studio Album, Finally Here, a collection of Mantra’s and Sacred songs. Traveling the world, sharing her medicine to bring love and connection.