Hylke Bonnema


Hylke is an authentic loving whirlwind and specialist in family constellations. He has been leading the Academy for Constellations for 20 years, trained many professionals and published 4 books about systemic work.
He loves dance as a tool for transformation together with meditation chanting and bodywork and has been on a spiritual path for over 25 years inspired by Bert Hellinger, Carl Gustav Jing and many Hindu and Tibetan Teachers he combines all these modalities in his constellation work.

Dance is a spiritual practice to open up deeper and even heal deep trauma in the body. Like ancient tribes used to use it, out ancestors, going passed dualistic materialistic programming into deep collective knowing that is what the workshop will be about. Creating a healing ceremony with all participants te heal humanity, on earth for our children and bringing this energy concretely back into small constellations so that each individual can experience healing for her or himself….Looking forward to celebrate and heal together…