Elias Widukind


Elias Widukind, bridges cultures through his enchanting melodies and music. From traditional medicine songs to ancient mantras and his own creations he invites us on a uplifting musical journey.

In his performances, Elias creates a space for introspection and connection, urging us to embrace free expression and rediscover our interconnectedness. Through mantra traditions, he unifies voices, demonstrating the liberating power of harmonies and repetition.

Elias’s musical path began a decade ago, inspired by plant medicine. Since then, he has shared his gift through singing circles, cocoa ceremonies, and singalong concerts in Germany and the Netherlands. His anticipated solo album ‘Luminous’ is released in June 2023. He is also a member of the German kirtan band ‘LunaSol,’ set to unveil their debut album ‘Trust’ in October 2023.

Join Elias on a transformative musical odyssey that transcends boundaries, reminding us of the innate freedom and beauty within the community of our voices.