Bambos Demitriou


My name is Charles Bambos Demetriou.
As a child, I yearned for connection and love. However, I grew up not feeling safe in my life circumstances. Mum and dad often exhibited anger and physical roughness, and I was bullied at school on a daily basis until the age of 18.
I spent most of my childhood feeling confused. It took me a 10-year drug addiction and 5 suicide attempts (where I would numb myself) before I discovered that the thing I yearned for was love and connection. It took another 15 years to find peace within.

Love and connection are the two ingredients I bring into everything that I do. I have two passions in life: photography and endurance sports. I am holistic in my approach to training and life. I have been in the military, a yoga instructor, done Chinese medicine, held space at men’s retreats and authentic relating workshops and dabbled in breathwork and cold exposure for years.

Authentic Relating Games
This is one of the most effective, relational, connective communication technologies available.
Whether you are new to Authentic Relating or just someone who desires to deepen their practice, this is the place to be.
You start to develop self-worth (by deepening the connection to self) & a better way to relate & connect to others.

The games are designed to:
> heighten body awareness
> create a deep connection to self and others,
> allowing vulnerability to exist
> leaning into your edge
> respecting oneself
> experience empathy
> create & strengthen community
> have fun
Hands-on practices that you will learn and can take back to your outside lives. The more we know ourselves, the more we can appreciate and love who we are and those around us.